1. Are there any restrictions on physical or personal activities during an IVF cycle?
    Ans: Stop smoking before ovulation induction begins. It is best to discontinue tobacco at least 3 months prior to IVF cycle. Stop drinking, taking drugs. Heavy exercise are prohibited during ovarian stimulation.
  1. What can be done to improve sperm quality?
    Ans: Discontinue alcohol and smoking before ART treatment. Do not use any recreational drugs. If any prescription medication has been taken during the last 3 months notify ART nurse. Physical activity at a moderate level is acceptable. Refrain from ejaculation for 2-3 days but not more than 7 prior to collecting semen for ART cycle.
  1. When the pregnancy test performed?
    Ans: A blood pregnancy test is performed 15 days after the embryo transfer.
  1. What happens if I become pregnant?
    Ans: If pregnant you will ask to repeat blood work and an ultrasound is done to ensure a successful pregnancy. After a fetal heartbeat is confirmed, patients are referred to an obstetrician.
  2. If I am not pregnant, when can we try again?
    Ans: Usually we ask that patients wait for one or two complete menstrual cycles before beginning another ART cycle. Sometimes tests are required that may delay subsequent cycles.
  3. Is that higher miscarriage rate for ART patients?
    Ans: The miscarriage rate is about the same for ART as the general population. Many times older females undergo ART and their miscarriages rates are naturally higher. Since pregnancy testing is done two weeks after embryo transfer we often know about spontaneous miscarriages in the very early stages of pregnancy. These miscarriages would probably go unnoticed in the general population.
  1. How do we decide how many embryos transfer?
    Ans: Doctor discusses this with patients at the time of consent but usually follows in the wag like
    Under 34 yrs old – 1-2 embryos
    35-37 yrs old – 2-3 embryos
    38-40 yrs old – 3 embryos
    These numbers may vary depending on individual diagnosis and clinical circumstance.